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E-readers: Learn More About Them!: Introduction

This guide will explain a bit about the 8 Nooks that we have added to our collection.

What is a Nook?

A Nook is a device used to read books on a screen rather than on paper. It has a special "e-ink" screen that makes reading easy on the eyes, even in bright sunlight.

For more detailed information about how to use the Nook, view the User Guide or the short videos on the "Tutorials" page.


In Fall 2011, McCormick Library began lending Nook e-readers! We have added approximately 25 books on each of seven Nooks. Hopefully you will find something you like. We have loaded some of our most popular titles from our print collection and New York Times best sellers.

You can view a current list of "Books on the Nooks" by clicking on the tab above. The same set of books are available on Nooks 1-3 and Nooks 4-8.

We would like to know what you think by submitting your comments in the "Help" tab! Happy reading!!

Usage Guidelines

  1. Please don't leave the Nooks out in the extreme heat or cold.
  2. Don't drop them! That hurts!!
  3. Please return the Nook on time so that we can honor our other patron requests.


  • Font size can be increased or decreased.
  • Font type can be changed.
  • Books can be viewed by author or title.
  • Ability to carry around a lot of books at one time!

Nook User Agreement

Review a copy of our user agreement. You will be required to sign this agreement before checking out a Nook for the first time.