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Shakespeare Across Subject Areas: The World's a Stage


Why the Guide and Presentation?

  • Shakespeare's influence has not been limited to Europe and the English language. His works have been translated, interpreted, and performed worldwide.
  • This page of the Guide offers a sampling of powerful and often unique performances from around the globe. 



  • Hetal Thaker, Assistant Professor of English, HACC, Lancaster Campus
  • Kimberly Grotewold, Reference & Instruction Librarian, HACC Lancaster & Lebanon Campuses

Video Sources

Special Thanks to 

  • Belinda Yung, Technology Support Specialist, Literature Section, MIT, for providing us with selected embeddable scene clips from the longer full videos on the Global Shakespeares site 



Note for Off-Campus Users

Accessing the Video Resources from Off-Campus

  • HACC Students & Faculty/Staff can access the video clips from Films on Demand by entering the same credentials they use to access the myHACC portal content.

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Background Information

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Romeo and Juliet

Western/Traditional Performance of  Act II, Scene i (the Balcony Scene) in Romeo & Juliet 

The Royal Shakespeare Company's 2010 production of Romeo & Juliet at the Courtyard Theatre, directed by Rupert Goold. Accessible on YouTube at

Brazilian Interpretation of Act II, Scene i (the Balcony Scene) in Romeo & Juliet

Romeu e Julieta, directed by Gabriele Villela, performed by Grupo Galpão Company (Southeast Brazil) in 1992. The Balcony Scene. MIT Global Shakespeares at

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Western/Traditional Performance of Hamlet, Act V, Scene i (Ophelia's Funeral)

Laurence Olivier directs and portrays the leading character in this 1948 film version of Hamlet, made accessible by Films Media Group in 1988 via Films on Demand at

Korean Interpretation of Hamlet Act V, Scene i

Korean Yohangza Theatre Company's performance of Hamlet in 2010, directed by Jung-Ung Yan. MIT Global Shakespeares at

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Western/Traditional Performance of Othello, Act III, Scene iii

This recording provided by Films Media Group 1988 and accessible in Films on Demand at

Brazilian Interpretation of Othello Act III, Scene iii 

Persona Cia de Teatro’s performance of Otelo in Brazil in 2014. MIT Global Shakespeares at

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The Tempest

Western/Traditional Performance of The Tempest, Act I, Scene i

This performance was directed by Jeremy Herrin and was presented at the new Globe Theatre in London in 2013. Available on YouTube at

Chinese Interpretation of The Tempest, Act I, Scene i 

Legendary Theatre Company's 2004 Performance of Shakespeare's The Tempest co-directed by Hu Hsing-kuo and Tsui Hark, a Hong Kong filmmaker. MIT Global Shakespeares at

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