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Research Paper:

Chemistry 222 requires the student to do a research paper. The student will select a clinical condition from the list below. (A different condition may be selected with the approval of the instructor). The student will research the onset, diagnosis, progression, treatment and expected outcome of the disease state. Also, the laboratory tests, analytes, and lab results associated with this condition. Limit of 3 pages is set.  Be sure to research each analyte fully.  The minimum number of sources required for this assignment is three. Main concern of this paper is the laboratory information.

Diabetes Mellitus
Acute Myocardial Infarction

Congestive Heart Failure

Cushing’s Syndrome

Coronary Artery Disease
Graves’ Disease

Acute Renal Failure
Cystic Fibrosis

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should be in MLA or APA format, double spaced, THREE pages long. The FOURTH page will be your citation page. In-text citations are required so professor knows where the information came from. For your sources, concentrate on quality. This means you should consider date and author quality.


Pros and Cons of Various Information Sources

Pros: Contain a lot of information and easy to read.
Cons: The information is older because of the time it takes to write and publish. Always search for specific date ranges when using the catalog for health information.

Scholarly Articles
Pros:  It has been reviewed for accuracy.
Cons: This source will be more difficult to read due to use of medical terms.

Pros: If you find a trustworthy website, they will probably have the most up-to-date information. Try searching for national associations (ex: American Diabetes Association); easy to use.
Cons: A lot of the information on the web is not trustworthy. Make sure you know where your information comes from!

Streaming Video/DVDs
Pros: Our streaming video collection (i.e. Films on Demand) is easy to use. Just listen to video clips and you're finished.
Cons: Depending on the clinical condition, the videos might be older.


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