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ARCH 101 - Architectural Design I - Mancuso

Feeling Overwhelmed?

There is a LOT of information on the following pages. If I had to summarize for you it would be this:

  • Do not hesitate to ask! Ask me, your instructor, or another librarian for help. 
  • Go to JSTOR, not Google (trust me on this one).

Quick question....

Quick Reference Guide For Databases

The "Quick Reference" boxes on the Ebooks and Articles pages provide a review of the main points about each database, as discussed in class on September 8.  

Remember:  each database has a different assortment of content in it (with some overlap).  You do not need to use a source from every database in the assignment, but you may have to check several, or even all, of them, in order to choose the best sources for your assignment. 

General tips:

  • If your search includes multiple concepts, like a building name and a person’s name, put each concept in a separate search box. 
  • Consider alternate names for your chosen building.  Alternate names can go in the same search box, with “or” between them.  For instance, you can put “New Sacristy OR Medici Chapel.”
  • Spelling counts, in search terms  (but capitalization does not).