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BIOL 203 - Environmental Science - Castaneda

Course guide for Bio 203, Beatriz Castanada, created Fall 2021


This guide contains information and resources for Prof. Castaneda's Biology 203 Final Project Group Presentation.  It is current for the Fall 2021 semester.  

Use the menu to the left to navigate between sections of the guide.  

Some useful links:

Search Terms

Each of the prompts for this assignment asks you to compare two topics:  paper and plastic, vegetarian and omnivorous diets, etc. 

When thinking about sources, however, avoid limiting your search to articles that directly compare the two topics.  You might choose to start  by searching for articles that compare the two topics--and you might find some!--but in many cases, you will explore the subject in greater depth if you locate some sources about each topic and make the comparisons yourself.  

For instance, suppose your topic is comparing electric and conventional vehicles.  You might look for articles that talk about both by using a search like this, in a library database:

electric vehicles AND traditional vehicles AND environmental impact

Or in Google, you might put

electric vehicles vs. traditional vehicles environmental impact

However, to make sure you're getting a good look at what's available, you should also search for each topic separately.  In the databases, do separate searches for

electric vehicles AND environmental impact


traditional vehicles AND environmental impact

And in Google, try 

electric vehicles environmental impact

Followed by,

conventional vehicles environmental impact



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