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ARCH 251 - Environment Control Systems for Buildings - Cravy: Articles

Using this Page

Below are suggested ways to improve your searches in the library databases (which will also save you time). Also, the Boolean Operators and Modifiers can be applied to Google searches on your topics. For more information for searching on Google click on the Websites tab.

Keyword vs. Subject

When you type things into search boxes, you are, by default, doing what is known as a keyword search. When you are looking for information about something or someone it can be helpful to do a subject search instead. Here are some key differences between the two search types:

Keyword Search
  • searches anywhere in the record for the words you typed
  • provides a lot more, but possibly unrelated, results
Subject Search
  • Has been tagged by a person as being relevant to the assigned subject
  • Provides fewer, but more relevant, results

How Library Stuff Works: Boolean Operators (AND OR NOT)

AND - Finds all the words
OR - Finds either of the words
NOT - Excludes a word from search

How Library Stuff Works: Boolean Modifiers "", *, ( )

"  " - Searches as an exact phrase
- Truncates a term to search for varied endings
( ) - Tells the database to do this part first

Article Databases


You can also check out one of other databases, which are all listed in Databases A-Z.