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ENGL 101 - English Composition I - Yontosh

Weekly Assignment

Two of the questions related to your assigned readings each week will require a bit of research:

  • What makes the author credible?
  • Define one of the vocabulary words that gave you trouble, or one that you especially liked. Give origin. Why would the author have chosen this particular word and not one of its synonyms?

Be sure to cite your sources in proper MLA format.

About the Author...

Use this database as a starting point for biographical information on the author of your assigned reading. Knowing something about their life and background can help inform why the author is credible.

This literature-focused database includes biographical information about authors, as well as popular and scholarly examinations of their work, and even interviews the authors may have given.

Word Origins & Meanings

Use the library's reference databases, shown below, to look up definitions and word origins.  Search the whole database to see multiple definitions from different reference books, include specialized subject dictionaries.  Alternatively, you can use the books linked below to access a general-purpose dictionary or thesaurus.

Citation Quick Tips

If you use library the recommended databases, as shown above, you will be able to pull citations from the database.  Make sure that you select the MLA-style citation, and check that the information provided reflects the article you're using.  

  • For Biography in Context, scroll down to the bottom of the article to see citation tools.
  • For Oxford Reference, click the pencil icon, at the top of the article to see citation tools.
  • For the readings assigned to you by your professor, use this format:
    • Author. "Title of Reading." Original publication year. Name of Learning Management System, uploaded by Instructor's Name, Date Uploaded, URL.
    • Angelou, Maya. "On the Pulse of Morning." 1993. Brightspace (D2L), uploaded by J.L. Garner, 14 Jan. 2023,