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HACC Class Guides Style Cheat Sheet

Accessibility Notes

When including an image in your guide, you must provide alternative text. The text provided should...

  • be accurate and equivalent in presenting the same content and function of the image.
  • be succinct. This means the correct content (if there is content) and function (if there is a function) of the image should be presented as succinctly as is appropriate. Screen readers typically cut off at 125 characters. 
  • not be redundant or provide the same information as text around the context of the image.
  • not use the phrases "image of ..." or "graphic of ..." to describe the image. It is usually apparent to the user that it is an image.

(Source: WebAim Alternative)

If the image you are including is instructive and/or full of text, you are unlikely to have enough room to provide equivalent access through the alt text. To achieve equivalent access for these types of images, check out the page on instructive images.

Image Resources