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CITE Symposium: Trauma-informed Teaching and Learning

Resource for Trauma-informed teaching: Support, Structure, Success in the Post-COVID Classroom.

Trauma and Resilience

What Happened to You?

Our earliest experiences shape our lives far down the road, and What Happened to You? provides powerful scientific and emotional insights into the behavioral patterns so many of us struggle to understand. "Through this lens we can build a renewed sense of personal self-worth and ultimately recalibrate our responses to circumstances, situations, and relationships.

Finding Comfort During Hard Times: A guide to healing after disaster, violence and other community trauma

Finding Comfort is a book about easing grief and trauma after unimaginable horrors – mass shootings, catastrophic natural disasters and terrorist acts. 

Teaching Hope and Resilience for Students Experience Trauma

Huge numbers of our students are caught in storms of trauma—whether stemming from abuse, homelessness, poverty, discrimination, violent neighborhoods, or fears of school shootings or family deportations. This practical book focuses on actions that teachers can take to facilitate learning for these students. 

Relationship, Responsibility, and Regulation : Trauma-Invested Practices for Fostering Resilient Learners

Drawing from their extensive experience working with schools, students, and families throughout the country, the authors explain how to create a culture of safety in which everyone feels valued, important, and capable of learning. 

Fostering Resilient Learners

In this galvanizing book for all educators, Kristin Souers and Pete Hall explore an urgent and growing issue--childhood trauma--and its profound effect on learning and teaching.

The Body Keeps the Score

A pioneering researcher and one of the world's foremost experts on traumatic stress offers a bold new paradigm for healing   

COVID-19 Pandemic

Apollo's Arrow: the profound and enduring impact of coronavirus on the way we live

Apollo's Arrow offers a riveting account of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic as it swept through American society in 2020, and of how the recovery will unfold in the coming years.

Surviving Lockdown: Human Nature in Social Isolation

This book reflects on the unprecedented changes to our lives and the impact on our behaviour as we lived through social isolation during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The Psychology of Covid-19: Building Resilience for Future Pandemics

The Psychology of Covid-19 explores how the coronavirus is giving rise to a new order in our personal lives, societies and politics.  Building on this, the book then sets out how we can improve our psychological and social resilience, to safeguard ourselves against the psychological effects of future pandemics.