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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Creative Commons

Creative Commons evolved out of tension between increasing copyright restrictions and the desire of creators to share their work globally. Motivated by the idea of free public access to creative works and a growing community of online users who were creating and sharing digital content, the organization developed the six Creative Commons Licenses, which allow creators a way to copyright their work but also choose how those works are copied, reused, and shared. These free public licenses allow creators a legal way to avoid the increasing copyright restrictions and participate in shared culture and knowledge.

Anatomy of a Creative Commons License

"Anatomy of a Creative Commons License" by Allyson Valentine is is licensed under a Creative Commons  CC BY 4.0. license and adapted from Module 3 of the Creative Commons Certification Course "Unit 3: Anatomy of a CC License“ CC BY 4.0.



Except where otherwise noted, content of this guide is licensed under a Creative Commons license CC BY 4.0 license and is adapted from the Creative Commons Certification Course by Creative Commons. CC BY 4.0.