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Open Educational Resources (OER)

OER Committee Mission Statement

Since research demonstrates OER foster inclusivity, increased learning, retention, and completion, the mission of the OER Committee is to further the OER initiative at HACC by training and supporting faculty in the adoption, adaptation, and creation of OER for their courses. Additionally, the OER Committee will secure and distribute funding for faculty to implement OER. The committee’s mission is closely aligned with Commitment 2 of the college’s Strategic Plan.


The OER Committee seeks faculty applicants who intend to use funds to implement OER in their classes. All projects must be completed within the given time frame depending on the tier level listed below. Compensation to faculty will be provided when the adoption, adaptation or creation of OER and assessment are complete. Works produced in the grant period must be licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Committee Members

Karen Woodring
Allyson Valentine
Lise-Pauline Barnett
Justin Bichler
Josh Eckenrode
Tamara Girardi
Valerie Gray
Jim Groff
Matt Harris
Andrea Hartranft
Jennifer Hummel
Carole Kerper
Darrell Lagace
Connie Ogle
Rob Swatski
Robert Wagner