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ENGL 102 - English Composition II - Wilt

Your Instructor asked me to teach you how to...

Narrow your Topic

"show them how to narrow down search terms... from the following large themes:

  • The Great Depression
  • Women’s Rights 
  • Nature and Conservation 
  • International Revolutions 
  • Psychology and the Mind"

Search a Database

"Students need to use a HACC database... to find articles"

Recognize Peer-Reviewed Articles

"... a peer-reviewed article... and how to read abstracts to see if it's an article that fits their topic or not"

And if you get stuck....

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Corrine Syster
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Zoom Meeting ID: 7175251035
717-525-1035 (cell)
Subjects: Faculty, Harrisburg

A note from Corrine: I give you my cell phone number for a reason: if you need help, please contact me - it will save you time in the long run! Please do not feel like you need to apologize for interrupting me or find a perfectly quiet uninterrupted space or time to meet. I am very flexible and will help you to the best of my abilities wherever I am. That may mean you see me in my campus office, home office, living room, kitchen, dining room, car, Panera, hotel room, my mother-in-law's house... these are all places I have met with people. That doesn't mean you're bothering me, it simply means I am taking advantage of the flexibility that allows me to be available to you!