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ENGL 102 - English Composition II - Wilt

SIFT Information Evaluation Habits



  • Do you know the website?
  • What is its reputation?
  • What is your purpose?
  • How do you feel?
  • Consider cognitive biases.


Investigate the Source

  • What exactly is the source?
  • What can you find out about the website?
  • What about the author?
  • Is it worth your time?


Find Other Coverage

  • Is other coverage similar?
  • Can you find a better source?
  • One more trusted?
  • More in-depth?
  • What do expert sources agree on with coverage?


Trace to the Original Source

  • Can you find the original source?
  • What is the original context?
  • Has it been accurately presented?

After the "Dot"


Websites with no requirements needed in order to register for the site. Examples include:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org

Country Code

Countries can determine who may receive a website within their two-letter domain. Examples include:

  • .va - the Vatican
  • .za - South Africa, but they let anyone use it



An organization regulates whether a website can get the address. Examples include:

  • .edu - must be accredited US-based college
  • .gov - federal, state, or local government (US)



Watch out for...