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HACC Tutoring & Testing: College Success Skills

Resources for Building College Success Skills

How to Read Your Textbook Better [2:46]

"Find yourself reading your textbook but not remembering what it said? Read more carefully and create study notes with these quick tips from HACC Tutoring Services!"


How to Study for Your Learning Style [4:21]

"The best advice for college students is to study smarter not harder, but how do you do that? One strategy is to use study tips that target your learning style. Check out this video to learn a few!"


Study Less, Study Smart: A 6-Minute Summary of Marty Lobdell's Lecture [6:41]

"Dr. Marty Lobdell's 'Study Less Study Smart' lecture is an excellent hour-long overview of how to study effectively. If you're pressed for time, though, this summary video will give you a good portion of the most useful advice from the lecture."


5 Ways to Build Focus and Concentration [6:13]

"If your studying gets interrupted often by distractions or the temptation to multi-task, try these methods of building your ability to focus."

Test Anxiety: How to Take on Your Exams without Stress [9:02]

"Exams can cause a lot of unnecessary stress, but you can reduce that stress in several ways. In this video, we'll look at several common worries you'll face as a student that cause test anxiety, and cover ways to deal with them."


10 Ways to Avoid Making Stupid Mistakes on Exams [4:47]

"Filled in the wrong bubble on your Scantron sheet? Forgot to double check your answers? Misread a test question? You dingus! Careless test errors can eat into your final grade just as badly as a lack of study and preparation can, so let's talk about how to avoid making those mistakes."


How to Manage Your Time Well [2:48]

"Time management is often the kryptonite of college students. Use these tips to help stay on track and avoid procrastination."


How to Manage Your Time Better [4:09]

"Are you constantly falling behind at school or work? You might be in need of some serious time management tips and techniques, and we're here to help. Poor time management not only leads to decreased productivity, it also can be damaging to your mental health. Do our Wellcast exercise and download your own time management worksheet at"


How to Stop Procrastinating [5:12]

"Do you procrastinate? Are you forever putting things off till tomorrow, missing deadlines and pulling all nighters to get projects done last minute? We've got the solution. We're going to help you beat that slipper monster called procrastination once and for all with our three-step method! Let us know if these tips worked for you below. Get the worksheet here:"


Defeat Procrastination by MAKING Yourself Have Fun [3:32]

"By deliberately scheduling "high-density" fun into your day, you can create time pressure that eliminates distractions, helps you get more done, and reduces stress."

Managing Stress - BRAINSMART [2:23]

"Stress is all too natural. But here are some tips for keeping it under control."


(Motivational Video) Chris Cooper - Execute Your Passion [4:18]

"Motivator Chris Cooper speaking at the Inspire ME Leadership Symposium in Atlanta, GA. Motivational Youth talk, empowerment, positive inspiration."


How to Deal with Student Burnout [6:18]

"Students with demanding schedules often end up burning out after long periods of constant stress. Today, we'll figure out what causes student burnout, and how you can avoid it."

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