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COMM 110 - Introduction to Communication - Wilson: Articles & Databases

Off-Campus Access to Library Databases

Logging in to HACC Library Databases from Off-Campus?

  • Use your myHACC Username & Password!

Research Tips!

Tips for Researching Communication Topics Successfully

  • Start with some background research--BUT REMEMBER, NOT ALL HACC LIBRARY DATABASES RETRIEVE SCHOLARLY/ACADEMIC articles and sources.
  • Use our communication-focused database: Communication & Mass Media Complete. (See the Communication Articles Database Box right below this one.)
  • Try a few different keyword searches. (See the boxes on the right side of this page for suggestions.)
  • When searching the articles databases linked to this page, check the box by scholarly and/or peer reviewed on the search screen if you need academic/scholarly articles.
  • When you find a useful article or other document, email it to yourself. 

Communications Articles Database

General or Multidisciplinary Databases

Big Three! -- Best Bets!

  • The big three general/multidisciplinary databases that will give you access to all types of articles (scholarly and popular) are the ones listed below:
  • Remember if you want to search for scholarly/peer reviewed articles you need to select the appropriate boxes--When I am given both scholarly and peer reviewed as selection boxes, I mark both!

Scholarly Only!

The following two databases are much more likely to retrieve scholarly/academic, rather than popular, articles. 

Basic Database Searching

Link to Social Sciences List of Databases

Link Below to HACC Library's Listing of Social Sciences Databases!


  • You will need to scroll down to get to the Social Sciences listing.
  • Because media is an "agent of socialization" in sociology, searching social sciences databases will probably be helpful.

Keyword Searching

Effective keyword searches....

  • Use AND, OR, or NOT (See the video on Boolean Searching in the box below.)
  • Contain the main topic words, leaving out words such as the, in, on, if, etc.
  • Often need to be modified as you go--So don't give up on the first try!