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PSPL 101 - Introduction to American Government - Wells

This guide has been created to help with your work for Professor Wells' PSPL 101 class.

Finding articles

Use the databases below to find scholarly, credible, and reliable articles without the bias of many websites and blogs.

Scholarly or Popular?

  Scholarly Journals Popular Magazines/Newspapers
Length of articles long, 5 - 50 pages short, 1 - 5 pages
Audience academics, professors, specialists in the field general readers 
Authority academics, researchers, scientists journalists, professional writers
Sources includes References or Works Cited  source material not usually included
Look for data, charts, tables, few ads photographs, commercial advertising
Frequency quarterly, annually  daily, weekly, 
Subject  single, specific aspect of a topic variety of topics, entertain or inform
Language specialized vocabulary conventional, high school level
Peer-review  reviewed by experts in the field editor, or staff, proofread 


Databases for Scholarly Articles