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ENGL 102 - English Composition II - Schmidt

Source Reliability

Top 3 checks you should ask yourself about every source: a simple checklist infographic

Top 3 Checks You Should Ask Yourself about Every Source: A Simple Checklist

Visual Check

  • Look at the background & site layout. Is it well made
  • Are there ads from products you recognize?
  • Does the title use CAPS?
  • Avoid headlines that provoke strong emotion.

Site Check

  • Check the web address. Be careful of URLs that are similar to popular news sources (i.e.,
  • Check the "About Us" section on a website. 
  • Who wrote the information? Is it biased?

Fact Check

  • Are other sources covering the story? If not, then it's most likely not accurate.
  • Read reputable & multiple sources.
  • Are there links in the article to other sources?

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