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CVT 218 - Cardiac Pharmacology - Major: Finding Credible Sources

Recommended Databases

Basic Database Searching

Boolean Operators

Boolean Operators are used to connect and define relationships between your search terms.  When searching library databases, you can use them to narrow or broaden your search.  The three Boolean operators are AND, OR, and NOT

AND will narrow your search: only results with all of your terms will be retrieved

OR will broaden your search: you can connect synonyms to get more results

NOT will allow you to exclude term(s) from your search

Possible Search Terms

Cardiac Diseases and Disorders Cardiac Medications
-Angina -Morphine
-Edema -Plavix
-Heart failure -Lasix
-Hypertension -Coumadin
-Hypotension -Lidocaine
-Myocardial infarction -Lanoxin
-Arrhythmia -Nitroglycerin


The Research Process

decorative image about information literacy

The information literacy puzzle is composed of six pieces. First, define task. What is your assignment. problem or question. Second, identify options. What kinds of information will you need and where will you find it? Third, select sources. How do you search for them and which should you choose? Fouth, analyze content. What did you find and what does it mean? Fifth, present findings. How will you organize and communicate what you learned? And finally, evaluate. Is your research process leading to relevant and useful results?