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ENGL 102 - English Composition II- Woodring

This guide provides research and citation support for your ENGL 102 writing assignments.

Types of Articles

popular magazine

Popular resources contain articles from magazines and newspapers that can be found at local bookstores, grocery stores or newsstands. These resources have glossy pages with bright colors and images. They feature many advertisers. Trendy issues and opinions, not serious research, tend to make up the bulk of these publications (56).

Upson, Matt, et al. Information Now: A Graphic Guide to Student Research. U of Chicago P, 2015


trade periodical picture

Professional or trade publications specialize in information relevant to a profession or industry and are published by professional organizations. Articles found in trrade publications may be acceptable for research, but be sure to verify questionable claims or conclusions (57).

Upson, Matt, et al. Information Now: A Graphic Guide to Student Research. U of Chicago P, 2015

scholarly article picture

These articles are written by professional academics and researchers. The articles are published by professional organizations or academic institutions and feature original research and analysis of topics of importance to a profession or academic area. The articles are peer reviewed. These are credible sources (59).

Upson, Matt, et al. Information Now: A Graphic Guide to Student Research. U of Chicago P, 2015


Boolean Operators

boolean operators

Boolean Operators
  • AND- If you type Education AND Literacy, documents with both words will be in the search results producing the least amount of results but the results are focused on the specific search needs
  • OR- If you type Education OR Literacy, documents with wither words will be in the search results. This technique produces the most results.
  • NOT- If you type Education NOT Literacy specific keyword sources will be left out of the search results.

What are keywords?

Keywords are important words/concepts used to find resources (books, articles, pictures of cats, ect.).

  • When you search Google (or any of the other research sites we'll talk about), the computer searches for articles, websites, or books that mention the words you asked for.
  • So, when picking your keywords, imagine the kinds of things you want to find and think of keywords that might be in those resources.


Controversial Topics Databases

Database Limiters

Database limiters reduce the number of search results. I have highlighted only a few of the database limiters. Please experiment with the other limiters offered for database searches.

This type of search will locate complete articles, not just abstracts describing the contents of the articles.

Complete articles can be located without limiting to full-text. Click the "Find It" link next to an article in the search results and follow the instructions to request the full article.

Examples of source types include scholarly/peer reviewed articles, magazines, and newspapers. Other source types are also available as limiters

Depending on your topic, you may want to limit the search results date to recent publication years.