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Career Guide

Books for Ex-Offenders

Best Jobs for Ex-Offenders: 101 opportunities to jump-start your new life

Here's the first book to examine jobs suitable for ex-offenders. Profiling 101 opportunities that are relatively open to people with not-so-hot backgrounds, this upbeat book gives renewed hope and direction to ex-offenders who are uncertain what they want to do, can do, and will do in the free world.

Reentry, Desistance, and the Responsibility of the State

Looking across current criminological desistance literature, Stephen C. McGuinn shows the value of empowerment, meaning and, most of all, assimilation. Woven throughout the text, the work also captures the actual experiences of a man returning to society after eleven years in prison. He details his experiences in a daily journal, providing an honest and forthright account of the confusion and struggle of those who come home after lengthy prison stays. Through this account, readers are reminded of the importance of human connection and compassion. As researchers, as scientists, we must provide a map, or a language and narrative, on how to consider punishment in the US. In developing a new way to consider the process of desistance, this book champions the humanity in forgiveness and the compassion of justice.

From Parole to Payroll: A Process of Persistance

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