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Career Guide: Internships & Experiential Learning

This guide will help you find resources in choosing a career.

Welcome and Career Services Contacts!

Learn about internship and experiential learning opportunities here, on HACC’s Career Services webpages, within HACC’s College Central Network (CCN) Career Services Platform, and by contacting Kathleen Dormer Carusone, HACC’s Internship & Experiential Learning Opportunities Coordinator, at

Internships and Workshops

Are you interested in doing an internship and want to know how the process works here at HACC?  

Once you have nailed the internship interview, been offered the internship, accepted the internship offer and have had the internship approved by your Program’s Faculty Lead, join me for the How to Succeed on YOUR Internship! workshop offered every semester. 

Searching for An Internship

Once you have chosen a major, completed pre-requisite courses in your major, or at the very least, identified a career field of interest in which you desire doing an internship to gain experience, you will want to create your search plan. For details on the workshop How to Create an Internship Search Action Plan offered every semester visit HACC’s Career Services Events webpage here. In the meantime, you may try these helpful resources to get you started.

Internet Internship Platforms & Boards

Non-Profit & Volunteer Internship Resources

Local, State, & Federal Government Internship Resources

Learn about Internships & Experiential Learning at HACC!

Types of Experiential Learning Opportunities

Informational Interviews: Now, it is YOUR turn to do the interviewing so you can learn from an experienced professional in your field of interest/study all about that career or occupation you are interested in or have chosen.
Job Shadowing: Explore, first-hand occupations and careers that interest you.
Mock Interviews: Practice general and specific career field interviewing skills with professionals in your major/program to learn how to ace your next interview. 
Mentoring Program: A mentor is an experienced professional in an industry who is willing to provide services to a mentee (student) so that the student can learn more about a particular industry, field, or position for which the student has interest.  HACC’s Career Mentoring Network can be located within your HACC College Central Network (CCN) account. 
Volunteering: Volunteerism is a wonderful way for students to build work experience and also help an organization. (Please note that the Fair Standards Labor Act does prohibit volunteerism in the for-profit/private sector; however, volunteerism is permitted for public sector, non-profit and religious organizations.)
Tours: Learn about various tours for different companies, organizations and facilities both virtually and in-person.
Service Learning: Service learning is usually a short-term experience and is developed in conjunction with a particular course. Students typically perform a set duration of work and then develop a report or presentation on the experience.
Research Projects: Various organizations and nonprofits often need assistance with research projects (community based and by major/program/industry) and are interested in student researchers.
Studio Performances: Students in various performance arts gain valuable hands-on experience in studios related to their chosen major such as Music Business, Fine and Performing and Visual Arts.

Books for Internships and Experiential Learning