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Nursing at HACC: Web Resources

This Guide will acquaint you with quality Nursing sources: books, nursing databases, websites, and more...


Pennsylvania professional nursing organizations

Finding information online

When searching for healthcare and health-related information online, it can be difficult to determine if the information that turns up from a web search through a service like Google is accurate and useful. When looking at information from sources like these, keep the following in mind:


  • Who wrote this information? Are they a good source? What can you learn about them?
  • Who published this information? What is their interest in the topic?
  • What sources of information do does the author(s) use? Are they listed? Linked? Are they also high quality sources?


  • Does this information agree with other reputable sources?
  • What evidence is provided to back up claims?


  • When was the information published? Has anything changed since then?
  • Do the links on the page still work? Is the information that is supposed to be there still there?


  • Why was this information published? Is it to inform, teach, persuade, advertise, or entertain?
  • Are their ads on the page? What type of ads are they?

Government health sites

National professional nursing organizations

Nursing web sites