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Philosophy Subject Guide

Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Gale eBooks)

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Web Resource)

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Special Topics e-Reference Books

Great Thinkers A-Z

Great Thinkers A-Zbrings together 101 lively and concise snapshots of the people who have shaped Western thought from ancient times to today.

Companion Encyclopedia of Asian Philosophy

The Encyclopedia is divided into 6 sections, each covering a specific tradition within Asian philosophy. The chapters cover such important areas as origins of the tradition, approaches to logic and language, positions on morals and society as well as histories of the lives of influential thinkers.

Encyclopedia of Ethics

The editors, working with a team of 325 renowned authorities in the field of ethics, have revised, expanded and updated this classic encyclopedia. New entries include * Cheating * Dirty hands * Gay ethics * Holocaust * Journalism * Political correctness * and many more.

A Dictionary of Philosophical Logic

This valuable reference introduces undergraduate and post-graduate students to the main problems and positions of philosophical logic. Elements include crucial figures, positions, terminology, and debates within philosophical logic as well as issues that pertain to related, overlapping disciplines, such as set theory and the philosophy of mathematics. Entries are extensively cross-referenced for identification within the context of wider debates.

The Edinburgh Encyclopedia of Continental Philosophy

Extensive coverage of all the key thinkers, from Kant, Hegel, and Sartre, to Derrida and Baudrillard. Its scope is broad, ranging from Classical Idealism through Existentialism, Phenomenology, and Psychoanalysis, to Structuralism and Post Structuralism.

Encyclopedia of Postmodernism

The Encyclopedia of Postmodernismprovides comprehensive and authoritative coverage of academic disciplines, critical terms and central figures relating to the vast field of postmodern studies.