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NURS 143 - Informatics in Nursing Practice - Bear

Valuable resources for your Informatics Nursing Practice.

Evaluating Websites

Find information and SIFT!

STOP: Are you familiar with the website or the source of information? Is the source reputable? Remember your purpose and why you are seeking this information.

INVESTIGATE: Take a few moments to figure out the source where the information is coming from before you even start reading. This will help you determine if the source is worth your time.

FIND TRUSTED COVERAGE: Ignore the source itself, and look for trusted reporting and analysis on the claim asserted by the source. Find the best source on your topic. Scan multiple other sources. Do they reach a consensus of opinion? What else do we know about this claim?

TRACE CLAIMS, QUOTES AND MEDIA BACK TO THE ORIGINAL CONTEXT: Try to find the claim in its original context so you can see if the information you are viewing is presented accurately.

National Library of Medicine Subject Guides

Websites for the Professional Nurse