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JRNL101 - Escape Room Game - HACC Library

This is a libguide for an escape room game.

Great! You have found the LibGuide!

When a class has a session with a librarian they will build a LibGuide specifically for that class. For example, if you are writing a paper and you need to find two books and a website, the librarians will use a LibGuide to point you in the right direction. See the contents of this LibGuide below.


To do #1, Print out the 10 Things handout (see blue tab above)

To do #2: Search the HACC BOOK AND MEDIA CATALOG below, which contains information about all of our books, streaming video, dvds, etc.  Search for the following books.

Group #1:  "Real zombies, the living dead, and creatures of the Apocalypse." 

Group #2:  "Zombies and calculus."

Group #3:  "Going viral:  zombies, viruses and the end of the world."
Group #4:  "The year's work at the zombie research center." 

Look for the call number and find it on the second floor. 

Look for the dot on the shelf and remember the color!

McCormick Library - Hours & Location

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Evaluating Websites


  • Who is the author or organization responsible for the information?
  • What are the author’s credentials? (experience, education, academic or
  • professional affiliations)
  • Are the expert and the webmaster the same person?


  • Are references included that verify the information’s source?
  • Is the information consistent with other sources on the topic?
  • Are there mistakes in spelling and word usage?

Bias/Objectivity (Fact vs. Opinion)

  • Is more than one viewpoint or opinion expressed?
  • Is the information presented as fact or opinion?
  • Is the site’s purpose to inform? To entertain? To persuade? To explain? To advocate a cause? To sell a product?
  • Does the author use emotionally charged language?


  • When was the site’s last update?
  • When was the information compiled originally?
  • Is the information still valid or is it out of date?


  • Is the information directed toward a general or specialized audience?
  • Is the information comprehensive enough for your needs? Specific enough? Too detailed? Too vague?
  • Does the information cover the correct period of time for your topic? The correct geographical area?


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HACC Library: Books and Media Catalog Search

The HACC Library: Books and Media catalog is a searchable database of books, periodical titles, and audio-visual material available at Harrisburg Area Community College.