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Career Guide


Working to Learn: Disrupting the Divide Between College and Career Pathways for Young People

This book disrupts the false dichotomy of college versus career by showing how young people and the programs created to serve them integrate the worlds of college and career readiness as students work to learn against the odds and strive toward lives that matter to them.

Career Counseling Interventions: Practice with Diverse Clients

With a focus on career as a cornerstone of personal identity, the book explores the specific meaning of careers within different cultures and examines the challenges faced by, and potential solutions for, individuals with diverse backgrounds and needs.

Autism in the Workplace: Creating Positive Employment and Career Outcomes for Generation A

This book explores the career experiences of Generation A, the half-million individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who will reach adulthood in the next decade.

The Undecided College Student: An Academic and Career Advising Challenge

The text focuses on the unique needs of college students who are undecided regarding a field of study and/or career path, and the various approaches that advisers and counselors may take.

Career Development Across the Lifespan Counseling for Community, Schools, Higher Education, and Beyond

The purpose of Career Development Across the Lifespan is to provide a broad and in-depth look at the field of career development as it applies to individuals involved in all areas of community counseling, school counseling, and higher education.