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eBooks for Career Changers

Career Rehab: Rebuild Your Personal Brand and Rethink the Way You Work

This book has the tools you need to go from the job you're in to the career—and the life—you want.

What Color Is Your Parachute? 2021

In today's challenging job-market, as workers are laid off mid-career, and as people search for an inspiring work-life change, the time-tested advice of What Color Is Your Parachute? is needed more than ever.

The Big Book of Job-Hunting Hacks: how to build a résumé, conquer the interview, and land your dream job

John Henry Weiss contextualizes the current economic state as a result of COVID-19, this book offers hundreds of practical tips for those laid-off, fired, or new to enter the workplace.

Take the Leap: Change Your Career, Change Your Life

A road map for landing your dream job. Take the Leap features inspiration and advice from more than sixty-five people who transformed their lives--and with this guide, so can you.

Fearless and Free: how smart women pivot and relaunch their careers

Fearless and Free seeks to empower women in the workforce, showing them how to lean into their strengths, increase confidence, and make their impact known loud and clear.

Taking Charge of Your Career: The Essential Guide to Finding the Job That's Right for You

The world of work is changing dramatically and jobs for life have become a thing of the past. Even people moving up the corporate ladder are questioning their choices and considering new possibilities, such as work/life balance or portfolio working.

Work Reimagined: Uncover Your Calling

Work Reimagined offers an enlightening, effective, and entertaining approach to discovering what you were born to do, no matter your age or stage of life.


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