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HACC Class Guides Style Cheat Sheet

Gallery Boxes

Gallery boxes are a great way to add some visual elements to your guide, to divide some information up into columns instead of a long chunk of text. There are several new gallery boxes on the global resources page, many of which are sets of databases or galleries presenting information from images we frequently use (such as the rhetorical triangle).  To create a gallery box you will add a new box, name it, select "Gallery" as the box type. To add content, click the gear and add the type of slide you are creating.

Gallery Box Quirks

Here are some things you should know about making gallery boxes:

  1. You can not convert an existing box into a gallery box (in the same way you can not convert a standard box into a tabbed box). If you want to create a gallery box you have to add a new box to the page (unless you are reusing the box).
  2. There are already database screenshots in the shared image library. To add a database slide with a screenshot:
    1. Select Database as the slide type, choose the database you want, and click add.
    2. Click the pencil to edit the slide (you may edit the description here as well) and click on the "Open Image Manager Button".
    3. Click "Shared Library" (next to personal) and then Database Screenshots. NOTE: I did not take separate screenshots for all the ProQuest and all the EBSCOhost databases, since the difference is imperceptible for most given the size. So for Academic Search Complete, just use the screenshot for EBSCOhost.
  3. All of our books are not automatically available. You have to create an asset of the book first. The easiest way to do this is to go to yellow bar, Content>Assets>Add Content Item>Book from Catalog. Once you have done that you can easily add the book to the gallery box.