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Mythbusters or the surprising-reversal research paper


They say....


We have all heard claims that start with that phrase, asking us to believe what follows is the truth. If it is known and stated by many, it must be fact. They have been “saying” at least as long as humans have had language. In our time, social media has expanded their reach and volume to deafening levels.


When things they say are contrary to our own experiences and beliefs, we need to seek out information to either support or refute ”them”. We need to become a kind of Mythbuster, seeking out evidence. We should also seek out evidence to confirm what they say, when we agree with them.


For this assignment, you will write a surprising-reversal style research paper on a topic related to social justice and/or racial justice. You will present a commonly-held view of your topic and then “reverse” that view with new and surprising information.


You will need a minimum of five sources for this paper: two scholarly journal articles, one e-book, and two (or more) other sources. You are welcome to use popular sources, as long as those sources are credible.


You should try to find sources published within the last 5 years when possible and cite your sources using MLA style.


Welcome to the world of Mythbusting.

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