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ENGL 101 - English Composition I - Skucek: Getting Started

Assignment #2: Rebuttal

Assignment #5: Annotated Bibliography

Length:  This will vary, but I would expect it to be at least 2-4 pages.

This assignment requires that you conduct research, cite sources into MLA or APA style, and compile an annotated bibliography for the Business Proposal.  The sources you find for this assignment should directly impact the writing of your proposal (Assignment #5), so picking a good topic early is important to finish the semester since it covers two assignments.

Annotated Bibliography

When you are asked to prepare an annotated bibliography, you are expected to collect sources relevant to your topic, read through them, and decide how useful they are to your project. An annotated bibliography provides an overview of sources that you might consider for further use. Appropriate sources for annotation could be books, newspaper and magazine articles, journal articles, websites, films, and broadcast news stories.

You might also find the materials on Purdue Owl helpful, such as:

And, an actual example:

A good annotation will summarize and evaluate a source.  The latter tends to catch most writers off guard.  An evaluation is your judgment—your opinion on the source, and it may help you to quote, use an example, or be specific with the information you find.

Before you begin work on this assignment, it’s important that you settle on your topic for the proposal assignment.  The sources you uncover here should be useful to your proposal, to help build ethos, logos and pathos.

You will compile a list of at least four sources on the topic you’ve chosen for the proposal.  Three sources should deal with the problem, and at least one source should involve the solution (proposal) section of your essay.  This will be secondary research almost unilaterally.  Consider searching for surveys, polling data and other statistics.  They count, too.  Utilize the databases and websites from the library, and start your research.  The quality of your source is important.  You’re welcome to use multiple sources from similar publications, but their beneficial impact on your proposal needs to be clear.

To complete the annotated bibliography successfully, keep in mind the following:

  • The annotated bibliography will follow the MLA style.
  • The annotated bibliography will look the same as a Works Cited page, but it will also include a short summary following each bibliographical entry.   You should also evaluate your source by answering questions like this:
    • Why is this source useful to my topic?  How will it create logos and improve my credibility?
    • When was it written?  By whom?  Why?
    • What is the purpose or point of this source? 
  • The annotations will summarize (or paraphrase concisely) the content, message, or argument of the source.
  • The bibliographical entries will be alphabetized.

As a general guideline, all citations will have at least two paragraphs: one for summary and one for evaluation.  That might be broken into three paragraphs.  But, this is not a novel.  Be concise and informative.

Supplemental thoughts:

  1.  You are not limited to four sources for your proposal, although only four need to be annotated for this assignment. 
  2. Getting to know how the library works is important for both the bibliography (Assignment #5) and the proposal (Assignment #4).  Since we’re doing the library session so early, you’ll find this to also help your Counter-Argument (Assignment #2).  Learning how to use the database system is something you should have learned in freshmen composition.  If, however, you are not comfortable with HACC’s library system, it’s extremely important that you meet with a librarian once you’ve settled on a topic idea. 

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