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ENGL 101 - English Composition I - Schmidt

The Information Literacy Puzzle

decorative image about information literacy

Research is not a straightforward process. It involves several pieces that fit together. At every stage, you need to *evaluate* what you find. When you evaluate, you will ask yourself if your research process is leading to relevant and useful results. The pieces are as follows:

  • Define your task. Ask yourself "What is your assignment. problem or question?" 
  • Identify your options. Ask yourself "What kinds of information will you need and where will you find it?" 
  • Select your Sources. Ask yourself "How do you search for them and which should you choose?" 
  • Analyze the content. Ask yourself "What did you discover, and what does it mean?" 
  • Present your findings. Ask yourself "How will you organize and communicate what you learned?"

This guide has been designed to give you information about each part of the puzzle and how to use that information in your own thinking and research.