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ENGL 101 - English Composition I - Katzoff

Academic Check: Audience

1) Scientists Are Potty Training Cows with the New 'MooLoo' to Protect the Environment

"... rewarded the cows with a treat when they successfully used the "MooLoo" and learned to control their urinary reflexes."

2) Learned control of urinary reflexes in cattle to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions

"...the calves were confined to a distinctive area and every urination event was rewarded with food. Increasing frequency of orientation to the reward as training progressed would demonstrate success in bringing micturition under control of the rewards."

Academic Check: Purpose

The Blackness of Queer Vernacular

"... large swaths of the population are conversant with the terms "in the life," "throwing shade," "read," and "beat." But as the lines between mainstream and Black queer culture continue to blur, this trend can strip and silence a community and its history."

The Philosopher Queen

"He explains that he's ever alert and aware of the world's artifices ... 'For right now, what sustains me is maintaining. . .and being conscious,' he says. 'It's not about learning something new, it's about remembering what you already know.'"

RuPaul's 'Guru' Tells You All You Need to Know

"... RuPaul is the author of three books: an autobiography, a guide to life, and Dey Street's newly released GuRu, which is both. I'll be buying copies of GuRu for everyone this holiday season, because it's as versatile as its author."

Serving Fishy Realness

"Because of the heteronormative stance of the culture industry, a diverse representation of drag queens on RPDR might be less marketable."

Which of these titles is the most academic?
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Revisiting the Result List

decorativeWhen you have hundreds or thousands of results, how do you choose? Some things you should take into account when looking at the result list are:


  • Whether or not the source is sufficiently academic for your needs.
  • If the author has adequate knowledge or experience on the topic about which they are writing.
  • If the date the source was published in an acceptable time frame.
  • Whether the information you are seeing matches what you want to find.