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ART 145 - Graphic Design II - Talebi: Getting Started

Famous Designer Presentation

Famous Designer Presentation (100 points)

You are assigned to research and write a paper about a famous graphic designer. The research paper must be at least 3 pages (double-spaced) and explain their life and style of design. Support your research with a timeline and a minimum of 15 examples of the designer’s work. Use and list a minimum of 3 reliable references including a book.

Do not forget about citing your sources. Cite whenever you can; even if you are not sure whether or not to cite. Reference and cite whenever you:

  • quote directly from a source
  • summarize or paraphrase another writer’s idea, concept or opinion
  • find data, facts and information used in your paper, images, visuals, graphs and charts

Use MLA (Modern Language Association) style for your references.

At the end of your research paper list between 7 to 10 important points about your designer’s life and style. Make sure to proofread and yet proofread again.

After completing the paper; an oral presentation/speech will be given to the class. Your speech/presentation will be recorded and available for the class to watch and make comments.

Your 12 to 15 minute speech/presentation must have the following characteristics:

I. Informative, persuasive and base on visual aid. (15 or more images)

II. An identifiable introduction, body, and conclusion.

  • The introduction must get audience’s attention.
  • You may preview the main points (a map of the speech/presentation).
  • The body must have clear points with a variety of supporting material.
  • The conclusion must be a summarization of all main points.

III. Deliver in a style, which includes frequent eye contact and visual aids. You should have a good knowledge of the designer’s style, various works of art and their contribution to the field of graphic design.

IV. You may use note cards but do not read from them.

A test (25 points) on all the presented designers will be given on the last day of class. Students are encouraged to take notes during each presentation and use it to study for the test.


Choose a designer                                                                             Sept. 21 (3 points)

Outline of the research paper with examples of work                  Drop by Fri. Oct. 2- Present on Mon. Oct. 5 (7 points)

After this date students who didn’t meet the deadlines will lose the chance in writing or presenting this 

Complete research paper                                                                   Drop by Mon. Oct. 12 (20 points)

Students must be prepared for their oral presentation starting after mid-term.         (45 points)

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