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BIOL 102 - General Biology II - Billman: Assignment

provides resources for biology students researching primary sources and writing a literature review

Writing Science


Top Ten Words NEVER Used in Writing a Literature Review in the Sciences

10. Luscious (vague word fraught with emotional baggage)

9. Confused (see luscious)

8. Awesome (see confused)

7. Large or small ( Really! Give me numbers!)

6. Interesting change (Please tell me you meant to write significant increase or decrease followed by a percentage)

5. Much more (see large/small)

4. Way less (see much more)

3. Some (see way less)

2. Very (You will be docked 10 points if the word "very" occurs in your final draft)

1. Proved, proof, proven and all other forms of this word

Gingerbreadmen cookies with icing lab coats and glasses

Summary of Literature Review Assignment

Step 1: Select a topic related to broad course outcomes (see syllabus) and focused on a particular organism. Write a brief rationale of why you chose it and submit with a review article supporting your topic

Step 2: Submit 5 primary scientific studies in pdf format (or 4 primary and one review article)

Step 3: Write an annotated bibliography.

Step 4: Create a detailed outline (story map), synthesizing the information in your primary and review sources

Step 5: Turn the outline into the rough draft for a mini-literature review

Step 6: Polish the rough draft into final form.

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