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Harrisburg HACC Con: Why HACC Con?

"I think HACC con is brilliant. I love how it provides an opportunity for people to present developed ideas and concepts in a professional way. I also like how it exposes students, mostly for the first time, to scholarly research and writing. " ~~ 2019 HACC Con student

HACC Con benefits

How does HACC-Con benefit students?

HACC-Con provides students with numerous opportunities for learning, growth, and change.
HACC-Con gives students a venue in which they can discuss their interests in a scholarly manner and apply the knowledge and skills that they have developed from their courses to these interests.
It addresses all of the core learning objectives identified by HACC, namely:
  • Written Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Quantitative Literacy
  • Technology Literacy
  • Information Literacy
  • Oral Communication
  • Cultural Awareness
Additionally, HACC-Con gives students an opportunity to network with and learn from their peers as they explore and discuss important social issues.  HACC-Con provides students with a forum to develop meaningful bonds with their cohort as well as to foster responsible citizenship. 

Who is HACC Con for?

HACC-Con is for everyone!

HACC-Con is available to all students, as well as to faculty, staff, and administrators.
Presentations can be given and viewed in person or by using the Zoom videoconferencing technology--a great option for students taking online courses

It is all about you!

A student-centered approach

HACC-Con actively engages students in the teaching-learning process, making it a significant student recruitment and retention initiative.  Indeed, in several presentations, students have shared their experiences in online and traditional classrooms, identifying what they need to be successful.

You will be inspired by their thoughtful analyses, reflection, and discussion.

HACC Con Mission

Erudition is our Mission

HACC-Con is a multidisciplinary research conference held each semester at the Harrisburg campus. The general theme of HACC-Con is “pop culture”; however, other topics are welcomed.  

Previous presentations have examined aspects of social media, television shows, commercials, movies, sporting events, music videos, song lyrics, video games, magazines, books, and newspapers.  Other studies have examined a variety of social issues, including inequality, homelessness, alcoholism, drug use, eating disorders, poverty, sexual assault, environmental problems, body image, and political concerns.