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HUMS 100 - Introduction to Human Services - Bratina: Getting Started


HUMS 100 - History of Human Services Assignment and Rubric

Each student chooses a topic related to how Human Services were delivered within various time periods and the topic's impact on advocacy, present the findings to the class in a PowerPoint presentation, and submit a paper to the instructor. 

For the presentation (25 points), you will present your findings to the class in a 10 minute presentation using 5 slides in PowerPoint. The slides include:

Slide #1 - Title slide - Name, College, Date

Slide #2 and #3 - Inform your audience about your topic

Slide #4 - Pros and cons, benefits and challenges, successes and failures, etc. of your topic’s impact on human services advocacy

Slide #5 – Reference page with three scholarly resources in APA format (hanging indent not required on the PPT)

For the paper (50 points), you will submit a 3-5 page double-spaced typed APA formatted summary of findings
utilizing at least three scholarly sources. Your text book is not allowed as a resource.‚Äč  


Possible Points

Points Earned




Title slide contains 3 required items


Summarizes the content and your findings well in two slides



Clearly states both sides of the Impact on human services advocacy



Reference slide: 3 scholarly references (3) and in APA format (3)







Title page contains:

A Running head in proper format (1)
Page numbers at the top right of each page (1)
Title, your name, and Harrisburg Area Community
College centered on the page (1)



Paper meets minimum of 3-5 pages in length
(do not count the Title and References pages),



Paper is:

Double spaced with no extra spacing between
paragraph (1)
Numbered correctly (1)
Uses Times New Roman 12 pt. font (1)



Summarized the content and your findings well



Paper flows well and shows a logical progression throughout with solid transitions between topics 7  

Sources are properly cited on a References page



Paper is free of errors in grammar (5), spelling (5), and punctuation (5)







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