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HUMS 200 - Group Work Practice - Eash: Getting Started

HUMS 200 Group Proposal Paper Instructions

  • This is a group project that is worked on weekly. You will be given time in class to work on the proposal. You are also provided with the attached checklist to assist you in completing the tasks associated with the proposal.
  • This is a written paper! It is to be completed in APA style, with appropriate citations. The only deviation is the Cover Page. It must contain the date submitted.
  • The due date for the proposal is 04/29/2020. There is a group grade for the proposal.
  • Your group will give an informal, non-graded presentation to your colleagues in the class during Finals Week.

HUMS 200 Group Proposal Paper Checklist



A short statement summarizing the major points of the group. It must be concise enough to grab the interest of potential members and sponsors.



A one-two page outline of current scholarly research that supports the type of group intervention your group is proposing. Cite sources of evidence that this intervention works and that it is needed.



Brief statement of purpose to include how the group will work and what the worker/facilitator will do. Include what type of group it is (e.g. task, education). Why have you chosen this format?



Agency name and mission; it’s resources (i.e. staffing, financial resources/funding, physical location) You can use existing agency or make up a new one just for this group. Explain why this agency fits the purpose of your group and why you chose it.



Specify the population and why you chose it. Some of this will overlap the purpose section but should not duplicate it. Focus on what larger group of clients the group membership will be drawn from and why. (e.g. homeless to homeless teens to drug addicted homeless teens)



What methods will you use for recruitment? Why have you chosen these methods? Your response should take into account the potential membership and referral sources. If you use a flyer, poster etc. be sure to include it as an addendum to your paper.



What is the criteria for membership? Who is acceptable and who is not from the larger potential membership? Why? What are the demographic characteristics you think are most important for potential members and why? Is this a closed or open group? Why? How many members? Duration (time/session AND total length of group)



This refers to how you will inform persons who are most likely going to be members about the operation of the group. What preparation do members need? What information should they have when they come to the first meeting? What methods will you use to make them feel comfortable coming to the group with a good sense of what they are getting into?



Describe the number, frequency, length and time of the group. Explain why you made these choices given the types of members and their needs and the agency and it’s resources. Provide a sample of the contract, if you choose to have members sign one. Add as addendum to paper.



What kind of room, space, materials do you need to make this group operate properly? Why is this necessary? What is the estimated cost of the group and how will it be paid for? Are there any special arrangements that should be made, given the characteristics of the group? Explain.



What kind of activities would you develop for the beginning of this group? Describe at least two sessions that you would use for the group. Provide beginning and end dates, times for the group as well as beginning/end time for the examples you state.



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