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ENGL 101 - English Composition I - Martin: Getting Started


This guide supports Professor Seth Martin's ENGL 101 classes.

To find credible book and articles sources, use the "Library Resources" above. Tips for finding credible web sites are also included on the "web sites" tab.

If you have any questions, take a look below to see the many ways to get help from a HACC librarian!

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 Author Assignment Criteria:

 Length:  1-2+ pages

Select a professional writer you like, or would like to learn about.  This person could be the writer of novels, short stories, poems, comics, movies, songs, television shows, essays, academic articles etc. 

  1. Include a brief explanation (3-8 sentences) of why you chose this author (ie, their style, reputation, what others told you, their work, etc).

  1. Find one source where the author’s writing process is described.  This could be a selection from

the author’s book, an essay, an interview, etc. where the writer talks about how they compose.

3.    Write a summary of this author’s writing process. 

4.    Include a quote from the source material.

5.    Write a paragraph explaining features of this writing process you find interesting and/or useful.

6.    List the title and author of the source used and where someone can find/access this source.

Which way for sources?

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