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NUTR 104 - Nutrition - Crone: Superfood Investigation Project

Superfoods: Getting Started

Hello to Professor Crone's NUTR 104 students!

Check out the steps below, which will help you to complete your Superfoods assignment. If you need help, please let me know. My contact information is in the box on the bottom right.

  • First, review the assignment:
  • Find a definition of your food. Here is a great place to look:
  • Find your food on MyPlate:
  • See how your food is being covered, and get some background information, using these encyclopedias:
  • Find news articles using the "In The News" box below.
  • Find more scholarly/scientific articles, using the "Is There Science Behind the Claims?" box below.

In the News

Try combining your food with the term "superfood" in one of the following resources.

Example: Walnuts AND superfood.

Is There "Science" Behind the Claims?

The resources below are more scholarly/academic in nature.

Try combining your food with one of these terms: nutritional value; nutrition research. In Academic Search Complete and Proquest Central, also place a checkmark next to "scholarly/peer reviewed journals."


Dark Chocolate and (nutritional value OR nutrition research)

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