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HACC Tutoring is proud to offer student-centered academic support on a wide variety of subjects.

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Tutoring with HACC tutors is available free of charge to all HACC students in a variety of subjects in person or via Zoom. If you can’t find your subject or need help after hours, Smarthinking is available as an alternative.

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SMARTHINKING is live, online, personalized learning assistance. It is available free of charge for many subjects. Learn about SMARTHINKING.

Who should I contact if I need to request additional Smarthinking tutoring hours?

To request additional Smarthinking hours, please email from your HAWKmail email account.

What subjects does SMARTHINKING support?

View Topics Supported by SMARTHINKING for an up-to-date list of subjects.


You can use SMARTHINKING for:

  • Live, scheduled tutoring
  • Drop-in tutoring
  • Interacting with a live tutor
  • Offline questions, a tutor will usually reply within 24 hours.
  • Help with a math problem
  • A review of your paper, a tutor will usually provide feedback within 24 hours.

Who are the SMARTHINKING tutors?

SMARTHINKING is a third-party tutoring service contracted by HACC to provide supplemental tutoring services. These tutors are hired and trained by SMARTHINKING. SMARTHINKING tutors are not HACC tutors.

How do I get started with SMARTHINKING?

To use SMARTHINKING, you need to create or update your account. You must:

  • Log in to myHACC and open Brightspace (D2L0.
  • Select a course that is currently active.
  • Look for a tab in the banner near the top of the page that says Resources*. You may need to scroll until you find Smarthinking - Tutoring.

* The tab might say Help or Get Help instead of Resources. Some instructors will include Smarthinking as its own tab on the banner.

  • Click on Smarthinking - Tutoring to open Smarthinking.
  • If you are asked to sign in, please close Smarthinking and reopen it. You should not be asked to sign in as long as you are signed in to myHACC.

When you log into SMARTHINKING through D2L for the first time, you may see an option to transfer your old tutoring session records. You can either:

  • Type in your old username and password. This will transfer your old tutoring session records.
  • Click "Skip" if you never used SMARTHINKING before and have no old tutoring sessions.

What should I do if I have technical difficulties?

If you experience technical difficulties, make sure:

  • You set your browser to allow cookies and pop-up windows. SMARTHINKING uses both of these.
  • You are using recommended browsers. Recommended browsers include Firefox 12+, Internet Explorer 9.0+, Safari 5.0+ and Google Chrome 20.0+.

If you are having technical difficulties:

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