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HACC Library Services: WiFi Networks

HACC WiFi Networks:

  • HACCwifi - for students and employees
  • HACCRadius - for HACC owned devices only (laptops, iPads, etc.)
  • EmployeeRadius - for employee personal devices
  • HACCguest - for visitors to campus who are not employees or students

*haccopenwireless - turned off 12/23/2017



This wifi network is for HACC owned devices only (laptops, iPads, etc.) and these devices are setup by OIST to automatically access this network.


EmployeeRadius WiFi

EmployeeRadius is for employee personal devices, not college-owned devices.

HACCwifi for Students

HACCwifi - How students access:

  • Select HACCwifi from your Wifi Settings
  • Log in with your myHACC username and password

Username: jad1234 (HAWKMail prefix, letters, and numbers BEFORE the @ symbol)

Password: password you use for myHACC

Please see the link below, for more detailed instructions on how to connect your device to the HACCwifi.
How to Connect to HACCwifi WiFi Network (pdf)

Using HACCwifi will give students or staff access to all HACC Library resources as if using one of the library's students computers. No need to log into my.HACC for access to databases.

HACCwifi Network -- Chromebook and Android

If you see the following, enter user name and password as indicated in red.
EAP Method: PEAP
Phase 2: MSCHAPV2
Identify: Hawkmail prefix
Anonymous Identity: leave blank
Password: Hawkmail password


HACCguest WiFi

HACCguest WiFi uses self-registration. A text is sent to the guest's phone with the access information. The account is available for 24 hours. BUT access is not available from 10PM to 6AM.

HACCguest accounts do not give automatic access to Library databases. Because of licensing, databases can only be accessed by visitors from a computer in the library.

For Guest/Visitors to access the wifi network, please follow the steps in the link below.
How to Connect to HACCguest WiFi Network (pdf)


HACCguest WiFi Sponsored Accounts for Visitors

HACC staff can create Sponsored accounts for guests. Employee designates how long the account is available up to 365 days. This time period starts when the account is first accessed by the guest.

The employee who created the account and all IT staff have access to the account.

sponsored visitor form


Sponsored Account Acceptable Use Policy

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and all activities that occur under your username and password. Cisco Systems offers the Service for activities such as the active use of e-mail, instant messaging, browsing the World Wide Web and accessing corporate intranets. High volume data transfers, especially sustained high volume data transfers, are not permitted. Hosting a web server or any other server by use of our Service is prohibited. Trying to access someone else's account, sending unsolicited bulk e-mail, collection of other people's personal data without their knowledge and interference with other network users are all prohibited. Cisco Systems reserves the right to suspend the Service if Cisco Systems reasonably believes that your use of the Service is unreasonably excessive or you are using the Service for criminal or illegal activities. You do not have the right to resell this Service to a third party. Cisco Systems reserves the right to revise, amend or modify these Terms & Conditions, our other policies and agreements, and aspects of the Service itself. Notice of any revision, amendment, or modification will be posted on Cisco System's website and will be effective as to existing users 30 days after posting.