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Shakespeare Across Subject Areas

Globe Theatre Image

Image of wooden Globe Theatre where Shakespeare likely performed many of his own works.

Photo of Globe Theatre by Jenna Hermle at (Creative Commons License)

Recommended Searches and Databases

Try These Searches in the Following Databases or in the Library Catalog:

  • Globe Theatre

  • Richard Burbage

  • Lord Chamberlain's Men 

  • Elizabethan theater construction

Suggested Websites on Elizabethan Theatre

Videos about the Globe & Elizabethan Theatre

"Shakespeare's World," part of the series was originally commission by the BBC and written and presented by Andrew Chater. This 7-minute video takes the viewer inside the Globe Theatre as well as to the neighborhood where Shakespeare was born and went to school, describing how 16th and 17th Century Elizabethan society was in a period of transformation, which was reflected in Shakespeare's works.