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How to Reserve: Study Rooms

Study Rooms


Learning Commons Study Rooms:

  • All rooms are equipped with a TV, VCR and DVD player.

  • Study room 205E has a smart board as well.

  • Click on this link for the group study room reservation calendar

Reservation Process:

  • To make a reservation, go to the group study room calendar and find an open space at the time you wish to use the room.  Click on that space.

  • Fill out the required information in the popup form. Click Create Reservation when finished.

Please note:

  • Non-HACC users are not allowed to use the study rooms

  • Priority given to groups or individuals for course related studying or activity

  • Open usage -No sign up required

  • May be reserved for the current day, two hours from time of request. See a staff member for assistance.

  • Items left unattended in room will be taken to Lost and Found at Security

  • Rooms are not sound proof - use of headphones, and low volume in conversation is required.



General Information:

  • Harrisburg has 4 group study rooms located on the second floor of McCormick Library.
  • Three of the rooms are equipped with a computer, TV, VCR and DVD player. The fourth room is equipped with 3 computers.
  • The second floor is a quiet area and the rooms are not soundproofed,  As such those using the rooms must control their volume. Overly noisy groups will be asked to leave.
  • Reservations have priority over free use, students have priority over community users, and groups have priority over individuals.
  • The group study room reservation calendar is located here.  You may also access the calendar through the link on the Harrisburg library page in the library libguide.

Reservation Rules:

  • Each group is permitted 1 reservation per day with a maximum time of 2 hours.
  • Rooms can only be reserved for 2 or more people.
  • Rooms cannot be reserved more than 5 days in advance.
  • If no other group has reserved the room your group may continue to use it after the end of your reservation.

Reservation Process:

  1. To make a reservation, go to the group study room calendar and find an open space at the time you wish to use the room.  Click on that space.
  2. Fill out the required information in the popup form. See below for details on required information.
  3. Click the Create Reservation button at the bottom of the popup.
  4. Your reservation will appear on the calendar in a transparent box.  Once the reservation has been approved by the library technicians, the box will become solid.
  5. If a reservation is not approved, you will receive an email at your Hawkmail address regarding the reason for the cancelation.

Required Information:

  • Minimum information required for a successful reservation is:
    • Full first and last name of the person making the reservation.
    • A valid Hawkmail address for the person making the reservation.
    • A HACC ID (either H number or Hawkmail prefix)
    • The first name of at least one group member.
  • You should also use the drop down menu in the popup box to select the amount of time that you wish to use the room.  The default time period is 30 minutes.

Common Reasons for Reservation Cancelation:

  • Failure to include the full name of the individual making the reservation.
  • The same group (or a substantially similar group) attempting to make multiple reservations per day.
    • In this instance the earliest reservation will be granted.
  • Failure to include at least one group member name.


Click here Lancaster Library Study Room Online Reservation Calendar to access the calendar.
Lancaster Library
Study Room Map

Study Rooms E, F, G, H, K, L are equipped with a monitor and Apple TV 
Study Room J is equipped with a monitor
iPads, Laptops, HDMI cables and DVD player are available at Service Desk

Staff and faculty should contact the Library service desk for special reservation requests

Procedures reservation will be either modified or deleted by library staff without prior notice if procedures are not followed:

  • Only 1 person per group may reserve a room.
  • Enter information in all fields.
  • 2 reservations per day per person/group - open to public.
  • No back-to-back reservations by the same person/group.
  • Reservations can be made up to 3 days in advance, which includes the current day.
  • If you have not arrived within 15 minutes of your start time, your reservation will be forfeited.
  • Be courteous: Rooms are not sound proof. Clean up food and drink when finished.


  • Select the time slot that you would like to reserve.
  • Full Name field: name of person reserving the room.
  • Time Needed field: Click drop down arrow and pick time segments 30 min to 120 min.
  • Lancaster Library Study Room field: Click drop down arrow and choose the study room you would like to reserve.
  • Click Create Reservation.

Need Help? Contact the Lancaster Library Service Desk
Phone: 717-358-2986 or Email: 


General Information

  • Study Rooms are on a first come, first serve basis for HACC students.
  • Faculty and Staff need to get in contact with Library Staff if they wish to reserve a room ahead of time.
  • Lebanon has 8 Study Rooms, including a Relaxation Room, available for student use.
  • 2 of our Study Rooms are equipped with Apple TVs, and 5 are equipped with whiteboards. Equipment for these products are available at the Circulation Desk.


  • HACC Students are required to sign-in at the Circulation Desk prior to use.
  • There is no time limit for how long a student can sign-out a Study Room.
  • If there is a group of students using a room, only one student within that group needs to sign-in.


  • Everything you take in you must take out.
  • Remember you are still in the library – do not be excessively loud. The Study Rooms are not sound proof.
  • You will be held accountable for anything broken in the study room you signed out.
  • Library Staff and/or Security reserves the right to ask you to vacate the study room at any time.


Study Room Availability (York only has two study rooms)

  • Study rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis with no time limit. Students have first priority of the study rooms over non-HACC student users.

  • Study rooms are shared quiet spaces and seat up to 6 people for individual quiet study. Small groups can also use the study rooms for group study or group work.

  • A television in each study room allows students to view DVDs or VHS tapes.  If there are other students in the room at the same time, headsets are available for checkout.

Personal Items Left Unattended in Study Rooms

  • Items and materials found unattended for a period of 15 minutes that are not library property will be taken to Public Safety. Library items will be returned to the circulation desk. Habitual offenders may lose the privilege of using the study rooms at the library director’s discretion.

Usage guidelines

  • Study rooms may also be used by HACC students for meetings with tutors, counselors or public appointments.

  • Non-HACC users are not allowed to use the study rooms as meeting places or offices.

  • Drinks and snacks are permitted (within reason).

  • Study rooms are not soundproof - loud conversations may be asked to leave the study room.