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COMM 110 - Introduction to Communication - Wilson: Getting Started

Assignment Details

Select a scholarly article from a communication academic research journal published within the last five years on a topic of your choice (that encompasses communication) and you should use the COMM 110 Lib Guide to help you.  You will need to go through the entire COMM 110 Library Guide to understand what a "academic journal" is and how to evaluate the article.  Here is the link to the lib guide - COMM 110 Wilson Library Guide. Please only use THE COMMUNICATION AND MASS MEDIA COMPLETE DATABASES AND RESEARCH ARTICLES ACCESSIBLE THROUGH OUR SYSTEM.  DO NOT USE INTERNET SOURCES!!

I want you to write a paper that does the following:

Provide a one paragraph introduction to the paper (what it is you intend to do)and then in following paragraphs:

1. Explain why you chose this article and what about it interested you.  This should be one-two paragraphs, each with three to four complete sentences.

2. Explain what you already knew about this topic before reading the article. A one -two paragraphs on your ideas about the topic - three to four complete sentences in each paragraph.

3.  Evaluate how this article could be useful to you in learning about communication. - This should be at least one-two full paragraphs - three to four complete sentences each.

4.  Analyze the results of the article (see the "results or discussion" section of the article) and explain how it has impacted what you already knew and/or how it impacts your ideas about communication research. - This should be at least two to three full paragraphs - three to four complete sentences each.  You should agree or disagree with the information and provide reasons why and support those with clear examples or explanations OR even an outside source!

Provide a clear one paragraph conclusion that summarizes everything you have done.
After your conclusion, provide a clear APA style citation for your article. 


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