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ENGL106 - Business Writing - Shepard: Getting Started

This Libguide was created by your HACC Librarian in cooperation with Professor Shepard. In this guide you will find links to HACC Library and vetted internet resources you will need to complete your assignments for English 106, Business Writing.

Your Class Research Assignment

Choosing Your Topic

Begin by viewing this video:

 Video from KState Libraries

Then, do some Background Reading. Find a topic by browsing these HACC Library Databases.

Start with background reading on subjects that interest you. Consider researching a company that has been recently challenged by issues relating to this topic.

Identifying Your Search Terms

Complete this exercise to identify the search terms, or Keywords, that you will use in your database and web searches.

When you are finished, before you close:

1. Save your results
2. Post your results on the wall below. (Scroll down)
3. Use your keywords to find sources in the Library databases and on the internet. While searching, you may find new terms that are useful. Add them to your list. Cross out search terms that do not yield good results. 
                                    Generator courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries.

Current Library Services

Scholarly/Popular/Trade - Rhetorical Triangle

When deciding whether to use an article, it is helpful to identify three things:

1. Who is the Author?
2. Who is the intended Audience?
3. What is the article's Purpose?



National Geographic Cover

Trade Journal

Food Technology Trade Journal Cover

Scholarly Journal

Journal of Morphology Cover

Title and summary

Eating Green

Discusses environmentally conscious eating choices. Consumers can choose organic options, purchase locally grown foods, and walk or bike to farmers markets to help reduce their carbon footprints.

Is Local Better?

The author reports that eating local at the basic level makes sense because fewer food miles, or the distance food travels before it reaches the consumer, equal fewer emissions.

Evidence for most and least fattening local eating: customs from individuals' reports in their culture's terms

The least fattening patterns of behavior can be identified in a culture's own words.


Journalist hired by magazine editor

Journalist hired by editor

Researchers working in the field, often in teams and with university affiliations.


General public – interested consumer


Researchers/experts working in the field



Edited articles offer an overview on a topic or current events, these general interest articles are: for entertainment and to sell ads to make a profit

Editor and possibly an editorial board offer articles of interest to those working in that field

Purpose will be to offer advice and tips to those in the trade

Some ads related to the profession

To share peer-reviewed research on a very specific aspects of a discipline using specialized vocabulary. Goes into lengthy detail. Often has charts and graphs. Always has citations/references

Few or no ads.

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