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Antiracism: White Identified People


Unequal Opportunity Race

White Supremacy

Visual Media

Resources for Action

What is Whiteness?

 "It's like whiteness is everywhere and invisible all at once. So trying to put your hands around it is like trying to hold on to air."

~Gene Demby is host of NPR's The Code Switch Podcast

"I like to talk about whiteness right out of the gate as not just an identity but that which is embedded in various institutions and structures and practices. And the easiest place for me to do that is by pointing to the college as a predominantly white institution. One of the assumptions that students might come in with is that race is what other people have, right? I mean, this notion that whiteness - and this is what you alluded to at the beginning with the unpacking of the invisible knapsack and Peggy McIntosh and that classic piece, right - is the kind of invisibleness."

~Catherine Orr, Professor of Critical Identity Studies at Beloit College

For more, check out the full episode below.

White Privilege