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LC Testing Service Page: Academic Make-up Exams

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Academic Make-up Exams

ATTENTION TEST TAKER! You must have instructor’s permission to take the make-up exams. Please check with your instructor for permission before scheduling an appointment. 

Make an Exam Appointment

*Note: Extended-Time or Special Accommodation students do not need to make an appointment using above online scheduling portal. Once we received the proctoring request from your instructor, we will reach out to you to schedule a time for testing. 

Test Center Policies for Remote Proctoring 

  • Students requesting proctoring service for make-up exam are required to  Schedule Your Appointment for Make-up Exam at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled testing time. Students are encouraged to schedule their appointment in advance due to limited seating. 
  • Students will receive email confirmation of their appointment upon successful registration. The confirmation email will have a Zoom link to join the proctor at scheduled time. A proctor may request you to join the breakout room. 
  • All exams are administered in accordance with faculty’s instructions. 
  • Students are required to provide a valid PHOTO ID (School ID, Driver’s License, Passport, or other government issued IDs) to the proctor. NO EXCEPTION!
  • You are not allowed to leave the room or communicate with any other person by any means during the exam for any reason, unless you are specifically permitted to do so.
  • You are prohibited from access any electronic devices during the exam and your workspace must be clear of any unauthorized testing materials. 
  • You may be asked to share the whole screen for the entirety of the exam. Additionally, a proctor may request for limited remote access to insert the exam password. Please close any private information, search engines, or unrelated pages before you start the exam. 
  • Students are responsible for scheduling their exam during the date and time established by their instructor and in accordance with testing center operation hours.
Service Hours
Library- 24/7 Chat Coverage
Tutoring- Drop in Zoom 
Testing- By Appointment
User Support- 24/7 Coverage

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