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HACC User Support: Printing

Tech support provides effective and timely technical support for all HACC students, faculty, and staff.

Learning Commons: User Support


HACC provides printing services to current students in all Learning Commons spaces.

When the student is ready to send their print job to the printer they will use their MyHACC login credentials (Hawkmail prefix and password) to log in at their workstation, then they will log in with the same credentials at the print release station.

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Where can I print?

In addition to Learning Commons spaces, students can print at campus Printing Hubs. These hubs are available in common areas that are open during all campus hours. 

  • Harrisburg - located in Cooper 102 by the Chef’s Apprentice 
  • Lancaster - Located in the East 332 Hallway by the Fitness Room
  • York - Located in the Leader building Lobby by the Library
  • Gettysburg - Located in the hub by the Bookstore niche  
  • Lebanon - Printing available in the Library/Learning Commons space

How to Print

  1. Log into a HACC Computer and click print on the file. Fill out the a pop-up box with your user ID (Hawkmail prefix) and password.
    • It is recommended that the Remember drop down be left on "For this job only" to prevent another user printing under the student's account.
    • Repeat first step if printing multiple files.
  2. Go to one of the Print Release stations. The station should be displaying a login screen; login with your user ID and password.
  3. Select which document to print or chose print all.
  4. Printed items will come out at the connected printer

Note: Documents must be printed within 3 hours of being sent or they will be deleted from the queue and need to be resent.

Does printing cost money or have limits?

  • There is no charge for current HACC students to print.
  • There is a printing limit for students of 700 pages per semester.
  • Each side of a two sided print equals a page.
  • If a your print allowance runs out, please contact the IT Support Center

PowerPoint Printing

To print more than one PowerPoint slide to a page:

  1. Click on file, then print in PowerPoint.
  2. Under settings, click on the "Full Page Slides" options to expand the menu.
  3. Click on the desired print layout.
  4. Proceed printing as normal. 


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