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HACC User Support: HACC Wifi

Tech support provides effective and timely technical support for all HACC students, faculty, and staff.

Learning Commons: User Support

HACC Wifi Access

How to Access HACCwifi:

  1. Select HACCwifi from your Wifi Settings
  2. Log in with your myHACC username and password
    Username: jad1234 (HAWKMail prefix, letters, and numbers BEFORE the @ symbol) Password: password you use for myHACC

Please see the links below, for detailed instructions on how to connect your device to the HACCwifi.


  1. Tap Settings Icon
  2. Tap Wi-Fi
  3. Select HACCwifi
  4. Enter Username: HAWKMail prefix
  5. Enter Password: Same as myHACC
  6. Tap "Join"


  1. Open device's settings
  2. Tap Wi-Fi
  3. At the top, tap the On/Off switch.
  4. Select HACCwifi
  5. Enter Username: HAWKMail prefix
  6. Enter Password: Same as myHACC
  7. Tap Connect

Windows 10 

  1. Click Wi-fi Icon - right corner of the taskbar.
  2. Select HACCwifi
  3. Enter Username: HAWKMail prefix
  4. Enter Password: Same as myHACC
  5. Click "Join"

Apple Computers

  1. Click Wi-Fi icon at top right corner of the screen.
  2. Select HACCwifi
  3. Enter Username: HAWKMail prefix
  4. Enter Password: Same as myHACC
  5. Click "Continue" to accept the certificate 
  6. Depending on the security settings,
    you may be asked to your local computer login. 

  1. HACC’s Guest WiFi is available for any guest of the College without needing a HACC account.
  2. To sign in, select the “HACCguest” wireless network on your device. You will be automatically directed to a login screen. Select “Don’t have an account?” 
  3. On the “Create Account” screen, enter all your information and press “Register.” 
    You will be sent a text message and/or email with login information. Use this to sign in to the Guest Portal. 

For a PDF of instructions with screenshots please click here.

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