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Online Writing Lab


You can get written feedback from a HACC tutor by submitting your essay through the writing center email. You can even follow up with your tutor in a live video session to discuss their feedback. 

Tutors host these online tutoring sessions through Zoom; check out these tips to prepare for your online tutoring session. 

Submission Timing

One of the most important parts of receiving online tutor feedback is timing.  
Remember, writing tutors require time to review an essay and write feedback. Do not wait too long to submit your essay; if you do, you may not receive feedback before the deadline or you may not have time to make the changes the tutor suggests.

During the Winter 2020/2021 Term, you will receive written feedback from a tutor within 24 hours of submission.

PLEASE NOTE: Tutoring is not available December 24, 25, 31, and January 1. This will cause delays on papers submitted on or immediately before these days.

As you prepare your essay for submission, please adhere to the following guidelines.

  • All documents must be submitted in .doc or .docx format.
  • Attach assignment sheet (when available). 
  • This is not a proofreading or editing service; while your tutor may address issues of grammar, the tutor’s primary focus will be on organization, clarity, and content.
Service Hours
Library- 24/7 Chat Coverage
Tutoring- Drop in Zoom 
Testing- By Appointment
User Support- 24/7 Coverage

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